New Work: Ashley Surber

We are so excited to show you Ashley Surber’s newest pieces! These whimsical characters are a mix of ones you’ve seen before and the new. Each with a new sense of humor and striking composition. Come visit us and see more of Ashley’s work at 153 King Street!

Paul Norwood: New Work

New work from Paul Norwood are on the walls at the gallery! Paul draws his inspiration from figurative artists in The Bay Area, the colorist approach of Fairfield Porter and the abstraction of Nicolas de Stael. This series has brought him back home to the coast of Maine, where the water is the central theme. Come by 153 King Street to see Paul’s new work and more!

New Work: Mark Holland

“I share myself through my paintings. The desire to tell one’s story is in all of us. Some use words, some music, some dance; I paint. I ask many questions; I receive many answers.”

Asheville artist Mark Holland dropped off new works last week! Bringing some familiar nature studies as well as new neoclassical inspired pieces. Stop by 153 King Street to see these alluring new works!

New Work: Spencer Herr

Asheville artist Spencer Herr recently delivered a brand new batch of paintings at our gallery on 153 King Street. Each painting has a hidden meaning within the imagery, whether it’s personal or universal.

108, in some traditions,  represents the number of obstacles the soul has to overcome in order for it to become awakened. While the horse symbolizes the navigation and overcoming of those obstacles. On the other hand, 0802 is a personal piece for the artist. The number 0802 was the day that his first daughter was born and his life completely changed. The symbolism within each painting mixed with the composition of Spencer’s animals makes for a dynamic and thought provoking piece!